Ted Yeates

Charles designed and painted a mural for Coco Noir, the Chocolatier in Headington having been referred by me. The art work is outstanding and on view to everyone visiting the shop. I can thoroughly recomend Charles' work.


The Bumblebee Conservation Trust are always on the look-out for illustrators with creative flare. Charles has a witty eye that strikes just the right note.

roseann paterson/ franklin interiors

I would like to thank Charles for a watercolour I commissioned from him as a present for a member of my family. The person it was intended for was overjoyed to receive it and it is a complete one off that will stay in the family forever.

andy kirk

I used Charles to produce interior and exterior pen and ink illustrations of a wedding venue for a print run of invitations and thank you cards that I was designing. He provided me with just what I wanted and what is more the work was delivered well within the deadline.

cuixmala ranch

We commissioned Charles Cutting to decorate our guest house with murals of local flora and fauna native to our ranch on the mexican pacific coast. Charles followed the brief exactly and the results exceeded our expectations.

all imagery is copyright charles cutting and may not be reproduced without permission.

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