Welcome to my site. I am a writer and artist working in the medium of graphic novels and illustration. This site also showcases my fine art, watercolours and murals as well as commercial illustration produced for both businesses and members of the public. My current project is an all-ages graphic novel 'The Fiery Crown'. Part one can be purchased here  and part two will be available at the beginning of 2021. I hope you enjoy browsing my work.

project fear by simon bell and charles cutting

We are all victims fear. Project Fear has been with us for hundreds of years. So far, we have made little attempt to map or understand how it is used. Find out how fear is weaponised and targeted and how to avoid making things worse. Simon Bell and Charles Cutting's graphic novel asks the question, can systems thinking free us from fear? Published by Open University, visit the dedicated Open Learn webpage  



Three times Randolph Carter dreams of a magnificent sunset city, three times it is snatched away from him. Carter sets out on a quest within a dream to find his idyll but his vision of perfection is not what it seems to be and he is drawn inexorably closer towards a terrible secret. Written and illustrated by Charles Cutting published by Sloth Comics and inspired by the works of H P Lovecraft, Lord Dunsany and Ambrose Bierce. One of Escape Books recommended 'Great British Graphic Novels of 2015'.

oxford artist and illustrator, charles cutting has been working as a professional painter in watercolours and oils producing landscapes, prints, murals, portraits, and design for print for over twenty years. contact him now for more information. 

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